Lousy sex makes women miserable

I am probably not the only girl to say that sex makes me happy. Many men don’t seem to think that sex is essential to women, but it certainly is. A lot of guys that I have known believe that we only have sex with them because they want to have sex. That is not true at all, and if it were the case, there would not be any male cheap London escorts. Ladies enjoy a bit of sexy companionship as much as men do, and I think that men should acknowledge that. I know that I have the backing of my friends at cheap escorts on this one.


I think that men are beginning to appreciate that sex is essential to women as well. It makes them happy when they have a good sex life, and certain hormones are released to trigger happiness. It says, lousy sex makes women miserable, and I have never put up with any boyfriends who have been wicked lovers. Some of the girls at cheap escorts think that I am a bit hard on my boyfriends, but I like to have fun and be happy. I believe that most girls who work for London escorts appreciate the happiness of sex.


In the last couple of years, Iy thinks that we have also learned that good sex means good health. People who have good seem to be much healthier, and I believe that is true at London escorts. The girls who enjoy healthy sex lives with their boyfriends outside of London escorts, are always more youthful and have less time off from work. I like to have sex, and good sex can make me feel on top of the world. It is not really about how often you have sex; it has more to do with the quality of the sex.


We often tend to rush sex. When I sometimes speak to my girlfriends at London escorts, I can tell what sort of sex they had last night. If it were just a quick fix, a few minutes, the smile would be that little bit shallower. A positive and feel good sex experience will make a girl glow, and that is true for London escorts as well. When I have enjoyed myself in bed, I work around with a big smile on my face for at least the next day.


I like a lot of sex, and one way of getting more sex is by getting stuck into Swinging. Swinging is becoming very mainstream, and many London escorts are into it in their private lives. Hedonistic holidays are in as well, and I am going on my first one later this year. I am sure that I will enjoy it, and I hope that it will be an experience that I would like to repeat. Maybe I will spend a gorgeous sexy two weeks in Jamaica with a permanent smile on my little face!

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