Getting Laid and Achieving Maximum Sexual Pleasure in One Night

Has it been a long time since you got laid? You may be thinking that getting laid and having that mind-blowing orgasm is an elusive thing that rarely happens. However, it is possible to get laid and achieve maximum sexual pleasure in one night. Below are some of the tips that will help you achieve multiple climaxes in one night.

Set in the mood

Before anything else, you must make her more relaxed and focused on sexual pleasure. Setting the right mood serves as the basis for female orgasm. You can try pleasuring her, brightening the mood by spicing it up with some dirty talk. The more turned on she gets the more times she will experience orgasms. Sensual kisses make her yearn for more pleasure. Also, turn on some songs that set the mood sexually. You can also make her feel sexy by complimenting her. By this, you boost her sex life and build her confidence and esteem during sex. This will make her desire to please you even more and give you maximum sexual pleasure in return.

Concentrate on her G-spot

It is important that you get to know her body and what touch turns her on. This way you will be able to focus on the erotic parts that stimulate waves of pleasure when you touch them. Stimulating the G- spot makes an orgasm last longer compared to other vagina stimulation. The G- spot has erectile tissues that swell up when the woman is aroused. Soft tongue touching on the vagina makes the blood rush to spot making it erect and puffier. Gently thrusting in and out or making small circles in a rocking motion make the clit puffier and thus the ready she gets.

Incorporate some toys in the act

Toys bring a new type of pleasure when used. Try teasing her clit with the sex toy. A vibrator will also work wonders. Try some slow, soft thrusts using the sex toy. Gently integrate horizontal, and some vertical rubbing around the clit to get the clit more aroused. By this time, the pussy is wetter, and you can try to make some little thrusts using the dick. By this, you have prepared her well enough to accommodate a penetration. Give a deep thrust and keep paying attention to the areas that make her squirm. By this, make her occupied and focused on the act.

Also, you can explore some other positions such as scissoring and spooning. The foreplay should last longer to enjoy the night pleasurable.

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