Dating is fun for me, so what

Some of the females that work with me at London escorts have called me a slut, and I was incredibly offended when I first heard it. In no way am I a slut. In fact, among the escorts working for our London agency, I am by far the most popular. I seem to have an uncanny knack for getting more dates than any of my coworkers. They used to boast about how many dates they had per week when they initially joined our London escorts service, but now I’m not so sure it’s genuine. If they were that famous, why aren’t they seeing more men? You can’t help but wonder.

My coworkers’ accusations that I am a slut are completely unfounded. According to my boss, my dating diary is one of the busiest he has ever seen. I have refrained from discussing with him the opinions of the other girls at our London escort service regarding me. Everything would seem ridiculous, as if I were complaining. Concurrently, the label of “slut” does not sit well with me. Being branded a slut is the first time it has ever happened to me while working for an escort agency in London at Charlotte London Escorts.

Will people think I’m a slut if they call me that? I can handle most things since I am rather tough. My only concern is that the men I date will find out. As we like to call it, our London escort service is famous for taking care of quality gentlemen. I doubt any of them would be happy to hear that the escort girl they’re going out with in London has been referred to by her coworkers as a slut. We are expected to exhibit some level of refinement, after all.

Maybe my coworkers at our London escort service can’t relate to me since my perspective on escorting is so different. Perhaps I should not hold people responsible for their reactions. Jealousy is a normal emotion, but their actions make me think of bullying. The kind of harassment you might find in a public school playground, not an exclusive escort service in London. Having such a negative attitude about any of my coworkers is something I could never fathom doing.

It seems like our London escorts service has run into the wrong crowd, which is a real problem occasionally. The majority of the girls who have accused me of being a slut are young and have just started working here. The fact that many young women view escorting as an incredibly alluring profession does not, in my opinion, improve matters. It is, in a sense, but you must also be willing to put in a lot of effort. In my opinion, the most successful escorts put in a lot of time and effort, while sluts are lazy. It is high time these gals stopped bickering and started doing their jobs.


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